About Eco Eats

Eco Eats provides a considerate catering option that keeps the health of you and the environment in mind.

Eco Eats aims to 

  • Minimise plastic packaging, food miles and waste production.
  • Maximise the use of seasonal produce, native ingredients and local suppliers.

I am Penny, the soul behind Eco Eats! I have over ten years experience creating and implementing ecological, sustainable and cultural educational experiences and events.

Over time, I became passionate about reducing food waste and sharing healthy bites that are tasty and provide energy for better concentration and overall health and well being – how can we save the world if we aren’t healthy ourselves?!

I regularly catered for events in my workplace after becoming frustrated at the waste produced from deliveries and the lack of variety in catering options.  I have catered for many events for up to 150 people with such themes as Raw, Vegan, Native and Seasonal.  I just love a good themed event!

I strongly believe that food is the way to people’s hearts, and I take great joy in making you happy with yummy, healthy, thoughtful food!

Eco Eats is committed to

  • Reducing single-use plastic packaging wherever possible (and buying in bulk if unavoidable)
  • Providing more raw and gluten free options
  • Always considering alternatives to processed ingredients
  • Utilising native foods
  • Providing more vegetarian options, and limiting unsustainable red-meat options
  • Utilising fair-trade, organic and free-range ingredients
  • Sourcing local providers for supplies
  • Providing recycled, recyclable and/or compostable plates, cutlery, napkins, etc if re-usable items are inappropriate for your event
  • Delivering items in thermal bags as opposed to Styrofoam boxes
  • Providing food-waste disposal units for your event and collecting to use in compost
  • Providing reliable, punctual, friendly service
  • Being adaptable for your needs while maintaining the integrity of the environment